About 4,800 vacant rental flats available for allocation to new tenants

The HDB has roughly 4.8K untenanted leasing flats out there for apportioning to fresh lessees, announced the MND in Parliament on Tuesday 6Jul.

About these, beyond fifty % “call to be groomed well before the apartments could be leased”.

But, the momentum of clean projects has definitely been more measured as a result of the severe workforce crunch dealing with the construction market.

“This had definitely caused prolonged delaying periods for rental unit lodgings,” declared MND in its own written response to MP Chua Louis’ concern on the number of untenanted HDB hire apartments.

The ministry discussed the fact that “the volume of accepted HDB rental unit apartment prospects on the stalling record has indeed grown from about 660 in the prior 5 yrs to 1.5K now”.

Successful prospects will certainly ought to fight extended holding back periods of around 6 mths, compared to approximately 3 calendar months at the time of the previous 5 yrs.

This develops as certain application regions including flat selections get increased appeal also a more minimal stock.

“Despite the fact that the volume of untenanted apartments extends past the total of prospects on the expecting listing at the entire quantity, prospects ought being matched to the flat kind and venue that these individuals requested,” made clear MND.

It continued that Housing and Development Board is considering procedures to increase tidy works plus assist vital collections as efficiently as available.

Penrose condominium

“For seekers with emergency accomodation requirements, which include health-related grounds or other justifying problems, HDB will move up the alloting a lodging to them,” pointed out the ministry.

In fact, roughly a third of 2K20’s fruitful rentals applicants were allowed priority assignation.

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